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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's How You Can Copy Wii Games So You Can Have Backups

Like owning a PS3 or Xbox 360 , if you own a Wii console then the thought of how to burn wii games has possibly crossed your mind. You just have to do a simple search on google to find that tons of other people are looking at ways to copy wii games.What you must realise is that you just don't throw a blank dvd into your burner and use your normal copying software to create a Wii backup.Why you can't make copies of Wii games is due to the copyright protection embedded into the disc, this prevents you from backing your games up.

As you probably have already guessed, there are software companies that have developed programs that can get past this protection. By installing the software, all of a sudden your computer can read the disc and produce copies.We should point out that this software should be used to make legal copies of Wii games. Making copies of Wii games is totally legal as long as you own them. This means you can create a copy of your Wii game and protect your original.

So how does this software work? It's pretty simply actually.

If you used a CD burner program before, then it runs the same way.After it's installed onto your PC your ready to do business.You just have to put the game in your computer's disc drive and let your system make an "image" of the disc. You then put in a blank disc and the image will be transferred onto it.

Done! Its that simple.

If you do go shopping for a game copying program, it's a good idea to get one that come with a moneyback guarantee. This should cover you in case that software doesn't work on your computer or you are not satisfied with the software.Also, don't pay any more than $40. For around this price you can get a top-notch program that you can start using within minutes.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Backing up Wii Games - Learn how to Burn Wii Discs

The one thing that peeves me off is when you come home from town or work and then find that your wii game doesn't work and all you see is a error on your tv screen saying its unable to read your wii disc. Most people when they see this type of message either throw the game away and play another or go down to EB games and purchase a replacement. The latter option is one that you wouldn't want to reoccur as this will cost you $$$ in the long term and with the current economy situation we're experiencing its wise to find cheaper more cost effective options. Thats when the idea of how to burn wii games comes into the picture.

Creating backups of Wii games is now possible due to handy tools to make perfect exact copies of wii games. If you decide that you want to start saving money and begin copying wii games then you need some wii burning software for backing up wii games , a stable meduim-high-end PC desktop and a fast dual layer dvd burner.

If you have these components then you are half way to creating your vast library of Wii titles , this means that your Wii titles you bought from the store are safely tucked away in the closet and your backups can take all the abuse you throw at it!!

The most important thing YOU NEED to copy wii games though is reliable Wii copy software like CopyThatGame, this software is programmed to read and burn wii games without running into any compatibility issues and reading error.

CopyThatGame is the only software that can read Nintendo Wii Games , decrypt them , and then burn them to any blank dvd.

The great thing about CopyThatGame is its ease of use and the price which is small compared to the popular copying software like Nero, or Easy CD Creator.

To start copying your wii games now goto -> Backing up Wii Games

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ever wondered how to copy wii games? Learn how to do it here!

Ever since i bought my first console the first thing that came to mind was how to copy wii games. There are tons of programs available on the web that clain to make copies of wii games on the fly but the question is how reliable are they in doing them job?

You can buy software like Nero Easy CD Creator which could the job but you'll discover with software like this that when you place your wii game in the dvd writer the program will not read or accept the wii disc. You might find that surprising thinking that these applications are copying tools but the thing that most people don't realise is that Wii games have protection code embedded in the game disc to prevent people form making backups of wii games. These encyptions codes also prevent people from illegally distributing them for profit.

However if you are just wanting to make backups for personal use then there is a provision in the 'free-use' law that allows you to make one backup copy of wii video game.

So the next question is what software can bypass the protection code to burn wii games on the fly using your very own PC? Well certain programmers have made software that can override the encryption code and make a image of the wii game of your choice that can be burnt directly to a blank dvd. These programs are relatively cheap and are very easy to use, most only requires you to do afew clicks and tehn 20minutes later you'll have a exact duplicate copy of your wii game. One such program that is gaining popularity is GameCopyPro that can do all the donkey work for you and create wii copies in a matter of minutes.

GameCopyPro is a mulit-purpose game copying suite that can burn any game on the market - Xbox 360, PS3 , Wii, PS2 and PS2 you name it GameCopy can do it!!

But thats not all! Not only is it a game burning tool but it can create backups of your DVD movies, and supoorts all your avi,mpeg,rm, divx formats.

So if you wana perform your backing up of Wi games heres all you need:

  1. Good DVD Blanks e.g Verbatim, TDK

  2. A fast DVD Dual layer writer (x50 speed recommended)

  3. Reasonably good PC (anything above Athlon XP)

Game Copy Pro comes with dozens of bonuses and also provides databases to download wii game isos or images that can be burned with GameCopyPro straight onto your dvd blanks.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Copy Wii Games - Burn Wii Games ISO!

There are several ways you can approach how to copy wii games and its no that hard really. First you can burn WII games by copying them from dvd to dvd using two drives or if you want to protect the long term use of your dvd drives you can go to any bittorrent site and download Wii game isos and back them up to blank dvd media of your choice.

But even when you download wii games from bit torrent e.g. Mininova you still need Wii copy programs that can burn the ISO. image to the dvd blank(s) , there are plenty to choose from but some are unreliable and don't support certain dvd formats and some just simply copy certain games which can be annoying of its your favourite one!

So I did abit of searching and found a application that supports any dvd format or brand and can create duplicate wii games on the fly and even backup wii iso's in a matter of minutes.

This software tool that can create copies of Wii games is called CopyThatGame - of course there are plenty of other software programs that can do the job but GameCopyPro does it with 'one-click' and can backup any other console game on the market - Xbox 360, PS3 to name a few.

In a matter of minutes of using this software I had backed up all my Wii library and while I was at it I decided to backup my entire music cd collection and my PS3 games too.

CopyThatGame made it easy for me as it provided detailed easy to follow instructions to start copying wii games!!

To make copies of your Wii games goto -> CopyThatGame - Ultimate Wii copy Software

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to Copy Wii Games - DIY wii copies

You don't have to possess a IT degree or be a computer nerd to learn how to copy Wii games - its easier than you think and you can be creating your very own wii copies in a matter of minutes with software that makes the job so easy you'll be wondering why you ever worried about it in the first place!

The wii copy software I'm talking about is called CopyThatGame that can copy your nintendo wii games with one simple mouse click!!

All you need a half descent desktop PC and some blank dvds to burm them on and your away laughing.

Call of Duty 3, Zelda Twightlight princess... and more can be burned and made into wii backups with CopyThatGame theres no prior knowledge required to run this software it comes with step by step instructions on how to do it!!

To learn more about CopyThatGame and how to get started copying your wii games click the link below -

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Download Wii Games - Create Wii copy backups

The Nintendo Wii console is the hottest gaming machine on the market today with nearly 22 million units sold worldwide outpacing its rivals Xbox 360 , PS3. Games like Mario Bash Bros and Wii sports offer a uniqe gaming experience and with titles like Wii fit the Wii continues to change the way we view gaming. If you've bought a Wii you probably have tons of games lying around the bedroom floor or in other unsavoury places, if this is the case then you seriously need to consider copying wii games and backing up alll your Wii games on CD/DVD and choosing the right software to perform Wii copies.

There are lots of burning applications out there on the internet that burn wii games but I toltally recommend CopyThatGame simply because its easy to use with loads of instructions and free bonuses like Wii game downloads.

With CopyThatGame you can make copies of Wii games in a matter of minutes , it doesn't take a Einstein to do it just your PC, blanks dvds, and Wii copying software like CopyThatGame.

To make some Wii game backups goto -> Wii Copy software

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to backup Wii games - Copy Wii Games software

I just read that the Wii console has once again outsold its Sony and Microsoft counteparts for the month of March according to NPD sales data and is predicted to continue this trend for 2008. If you've read my other posts I've dedicated this blog on how to copy Wii games onto blank dual layer dvds and burn wii games by downloading them using a fantastic software package called CopyThatGame.

The Nintendo Wii is set to release some great titles this year and its important that you consider backing up all your nintendo wii games so you protect your orignal wii discs from being exposed to possible damage.

YOU probably don't know where to start but there is easy to use software out there that basically guide you step by step on how to backup wii games.

CopyThatGame is one such software package that can make wii copying like childs play!!

All you need is a PC with a DVD burner, some good reliable copying media (blank dvds), and a burning program - CopyThatGame.

I found a video on youtube that I've insert below showing a wii gamer with a folder fill of wii games that were burnt straight to dvd blanks - Medal of honor , Tomb Raider Anniversity, Wii Play amd lots more..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to Burn Wii games with Wii Copy Software.

I've been adding lots of info on how to burn wii games and talking about a software program called CopyThatGame that can backup Wii games on a blank dvd disc. I also showed you some videos of people running copied Wii games on there Wii. Well today I found a video of someone running a few Wii games that were burned and he shows them playing on his Wii console. Check out the video below :

Copying Wii games can be done in three basic steps

  • First you need good wii copy media or DVD blanks like Sony or Verbatim
  • A burning tool -> CopyThat Game
  • A descent PC computer and DVD burner

CopyThatGame is the most comprehensive game coping software on the market today with simple but really easy to follow instructions to perform copy wii games on the fly. Not only does CopyThatGame teach you how to burn wii games it can show you how to copy Xbox 360, PS3, and lots more....

To get CopyThatGame -> Click Here!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Copy and Download Wii Games ISO's with Game Copy Pro!!

Backup Wii Games Now!!

If you read my other posts I've talked about CopyThatGame's abilities to copy wii games but there's also another feature that I would like to touch upon!! When you download the software there's a special bonus you receive (which actually saves you alot of hassle and time) allowing unlimited access to Wii game downloads e.g. software, ringtones, wallpaper, and wii game iso's which you can download and burn using the Game Copy Pro software program!

But this is not all! You can download movies, music and even download PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 the list goes on.....

The great thing is theres no reccurring fee just a small one time fee giving you full unlmimted access to any Wii game you want!

DON"T WORRY about slow speeds, all downloads come from super fast servers so all your files will be downloaded to your PC in minutes!!

So don't delay dudes!! I'm not sure how long they're gonna offer this before they rise the price!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Copy Wii Games - Play Wii Backups with Game Copy Pro

In my last post I showed you some youtube videos of people running their wii backups on their consoles and to demonstrate that it is possible to copy Wii games using CopyThatGame. Well today I was browsing youtube and found this video with a guy playing is copied wii games on his hacked Wii. The games were Wii Sports and Guitar Hero I think but it clearly shows you that you can can copy and burn wii games. Check out the video below -

After watching the video you're probably thinking that you need to be a computer geek to backup wii games but thats far from the truth!! Fortunately for you there is a easy to use "one click" software package that can copy your wii games in a matter of minutes. This software is called CopyThatGame, the software comes with easy to use step by step instructions on how to burn wii games to blank dvd. CopyThatGame is is compatible with all operating systems and provides 24/7 support if theres any difficulties. So what are you waiting for!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Copy Wii games with Game Copy Pro. Burn Wii Games with ease!!

As with my previous posts I've been talking about CopyThatGame and how it can copy Wii games - well below you'll see a clip here of a dude that has burnt his Wii games onto blank dvd's - the videos show him demonstrating his wii backups running on his Wii console , its pretty neat how he does it!!!

As you can see from the videos above it is possible to copy/backup your wii games onto disc all your need is some software like - CopyThatGame , a Mod Chip (WiiKey) which costs next to nothing and easy to install, and good reliable copying media (DVDs) to burn wii games.

CopyThatGame is the only software available on the market that can backup wii games , you get everything you need like software tools and even where to download Wii iso images to burn the games to disc!!CopyThatGame is simple to use and comes with detailed instruction guides on how to get started.

To make a wii copies of your orignals I recommend you get CopyThatGame now!!!