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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Copy Wii Games with Homebrew - Hack Wii without Modchip!

When you hear about the idea of unlock your Wii the first thing that comes to my mind is installing a "modchip" or similiar device, this is risky and may end up costing you allot of money. However, thanks to some wonderful software called Homebrew you can unlock your Wii (compatible with v4.2 firmware update) and play and copy wii games without a modchip.

Not only does it do that but it allows your Wii to playback imported games and DVD discs. You can also get free unlimited access to thousands of free downloads and software plus run the old classic games through some cool emulators built into the homebrew software.

This way of hacking your wii is much safer and won't risk voiding your warranty.If your not an expert and have no previous experience in installing modchips the risks are not worth it an your better off investing in homebrew software that offers more features than a wii modchip.

How does homebrew unlock your Wii console without a modchip?
Homebrew software takes advantages of certain "grey areas" in the wii consoles system programming and unlocks features that enable it to run dvds and copied wii games. This would not be possible with a normal Wii's but using homebrew to hack your Wii it will unlock these abilities and much more:

Below is a summary of what Wii Homebrew can do to your console:

  • Play import games from any where in the world
  • Run the good ol' classic games from the 2 generation consoles like SNES, PS1, Gamecube
  • DVD playback
  • Download over 10k worth apps, programs, games
  • Emulators
  • Copy Wii games with inbuilt software
  • Obtain free updates - Homebrew Wii v4.2

If you think homebrew installer software is too technical to install or operate on your own then don't fret. The software comes with an instructional guide that walks you thru the steps from installing it and learning how to work the software on your Wii.

Homebrewing your Wii or as its commonly known - Wii softmodding is the way of the future in hacking your Wii to play copied wii games, theres absolutely no need to use dodgy modchips that can wreak your console and make you pay $$$ that you might need for other stuff!

To get homebrew for Wii and play wii backups goto - Copy Wii Games without a Modchip!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Copy Wii Games without Modchip - Create Wii softmod backups (v4.2 compatible)

To copy wii games you had to first pry open your wii console and install a small piece of hardware called a modchip which enabled your nintendo Wii to recognise and play copied wii games that were burned onto blank dvd disc.

This worked fabulously but the problem was it voided your warranty and if done incorrectly it could make your Wii inoperable.

The dilemma forced programmers to do a rethink on how to backup wii games.

The solution was Homebrew installer software.

Homebrew software has totally revolutionized burning and modding your wii systems. Instead of modifying your consoles hardware the mod can be done manipulation of the firmware or otherwise known as a "Wii softmod".

With homebrew software you can copy and play burned wii games just like you would with a normal game disc.

But thats not the ONLY thing homebrew can do!!!

With this softmod you can unlock certain features of your Wii to playback DVDs, run retro games like Super Mario or Sonic, and even unlock the region code to play any game or dvd from any country.

You can copy wii games easily by simply installing wii softmod tools like homebrew installer which will give your Wii a new lease of life and make it just as powerful as its bigger brothers the PS3 and Xbox 360.

You don't even have to use a game like Zelda Twlight princess to hack your wii now, the latest homebrew doesn't use this technique but uses the 'bannerbomb' method which requires no game or disc to perform it.

What makes it more valuable is that it works even with the latest firmware update (v4.0 and v4.1)

If you want to revitalize your ailing Wii and breath some life into it by transforming it into a fully fledged multimedia entertainment unit then you need Homebrew install software!

To get it click the link below -

Copy Wii Games without Modchip using Homebrew Installer software

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Copy Wii Games - Create Wii Softmod Backups

In the past if you wanted to backup any Wii game disc you needed to install a modchip of some sort to make your Wii read and recognise any copy wii games. It was impossible to run any backup without a modchip device, but that has since changed with the advent of 'Wii softmod' software that can unlock your Wii console and enable to read copied wii games.

A Wii softmod is basically a software program that can trick your wii into being able to play dubbed wii games just like your normal games. What makes this mod awesome is you don't have to rip open your Wii and try and solder a modchip into the motherboard. This can be very dangerous especially if the owner is not experienced and tries to install it by themselves.

Another reason these types of chips are not recommended is voiding your warranty when altering the motherboard without permission from the manufacturer.

Softmodding is much safer, protects the warranty and anyone with abit of DIY spirit can make it work on their console.

There really nothing to it, all you need is homebrew software and a easy to follow instruction guide that can show you how to do it. It is advised to use a guide that can show you in step by step format how to go about installing this Wii softmod without any hiccups.

Don't worry about firmware updates, the software is constantly being updated to be compatible with them so your software will continue to work regardless.

Not only can you copy and play backed up wii games but you can run DVD movies, retros games, and unlock you region settings to playback any game or dvd from anywhere in the world.

To get start on softmodding your Wii to burn and play copied wii discs visit - Wii softmod

Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Copy Your Wii Games - Backup Your Wii Games Now!.

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular gaming systems in the world. There are multiple Wii users in every country and the reason is due to the prime quality games the console has.

They store the first game and use the backups. The reason being because the consistent use of the disk gets it scratched. It is not not cost efficient to purchase a new game disk every time the old one gets scratched. Copy Wii games is a kind of insurance policy for your Wii games.

The quality deteriorates quickly and there are no valid and safe methods to fix them. A disk deteriorates just like a car's tires on a road. The more it runs, the more deteriorated the tires are. It doesn't matter what kind of CD or DVD it is.

This is the reason why many people are curious to try the backups of the Nintendo Wii games. This special software will make a wonderfully actual copy of the first disc. You aren't in violation of any rights. The software is permitted by Nintendo. It's a legal way to do Wii backups.

This technique is used rather than some unusual methods to fix the scratched disks like using alcohol or banana moisture. Or some rub a banana on the disk. They think that in this manner, the scratch will vanish. But this is basic and not efficient. These solutions are valueless ( its better to copy Wii games). That is not possible.

So it's way better to do a backup of the game. Buy the licensed software. It is better to buy the software one time and spend just 40 bucks. Then, with it, you can do as many backups as you need and save your precious Wii games.

Start backing up your Wii games now click here -> How to copy Wii games

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here is how to Burn Wii Games on a Blank Disc - An Straightforward Way to Make Backups! .

How to Burn Wii Games on a blank disc

If you are fortunate enough to own a Nintendo Wii, you might have questioned if it is possible to burn wii games on your PC. This question has been raised many times so we thought we would share with you how it can be done.

If you want to copy a Wii game, you can't do it using your ordinary computer software. It might sound funny, but your personal computer just can't sound right of the information on the disc at first.

Thankfully, there are now companies that have developed specific game duplicating software that makes it possible for your personal computer to "make sense" of what is on the disc. Should you purchase a Wii game and you wish to copy it for backup purposes only, you can legally use this software.

How do you use the software?

The software works in a straightforward way ; it is like burning a music CD. As soon as you install the program, it will start to work mechanically.

You will simply insert the game in your disc drive and your PC system will make a disc "image". When you put in a blank CD, the system will instantly copy the game to the CD.

This just gives you a little piece of mind on the offchance the program does not work on your computer.Also, don't pay too much! That might sound obvious - you are patently looking for the best deal. However, we have seen some programs cost over $90 - this is way too expensive. You will find a program find a program letting you burn Wii games for less than $50 quite easily..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Copy Wii Games - Burning Wi Games

If you are searching for ways to copy wii games then your journey has come to an end.

The propose of this article is to show you a way to make burned Wii games for your own use - This is totally legal!

Most likely you have used a CD Burner before to burn some music and movie dvds. One thing people are not aware off is that you can't use their normal burning tool to create copied wii games to dvd. Why is this?

When there's a problem, someone's going to find a solution!

However, its only a matter of time when someone provides a solution!

Problems like this normally get solved has people develop ways to answer this.Software houses that make these types of programs have developed burning applications that can bypass the copyright protection and copy wii games.

Having software that can recognise Wii discs enables you to burn wii games on your very own PC.

You can also copy PS3, Xbox 360 and many other console games , its not just a Wii copying program so be sure to take advantage of the softwares capabilities. It's not only for making Wii game copies.

These programs are easy to use and are designed for novices in mind!What the software is once you place a Wii game into your burner the computer creates a image or 'iso' of the game that is save onto your PC's hard drive.

By using the right software you can copy Wii games whenever you like just by using the CD burner on your computer. Good luck!

To go copy wii games to learn more that software that can burn any video game.