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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Download Wii Games - Create Wii copy backups

The Nintendo Wii console is the hottest gaming machine on the market today with nearly 22 million units sold worldwide outpacing its rivals Xbox 360 , PS3. Games like Mario Bash Bros and Wii sports offer a uniqe gaming experience and with titles like Wii fit the Wii continues to change the way we view gaming. If you've bought a Wii you probably have tons of games lying around the bedroom floor or in other unsavoury places, if this is the case then you seriously need to consider copying wii games and backing up alll your Wii games on CD/DVD and choosing the right software to perform Wii copies.

There are lots of burning applications out there on the internet that burn wii games but I toltally recommend CopyThatGame simply because its easy to use with loads of instructions and free bonuses like Wii game downloads.

With CopyThatGame you can make copies of Wii games in a matter of minutes , it doesn't take a Einstein to do it just your PC, blanks dvds, and Wii copying software like CopyThatGame.

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