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Friday, August 28, 2009

Copy Wii Games without Modchip - Create Wii softmod backups (v4.2 compatible)

To copy wii games you had to first pry open your wii console and install a small piece of hardware called a modchip which enabled your nintendo Wii to recognise and play copied wii games that were burned onto blank dvd disc.

This worked fabulously but the problem was it voided your warranty and if done incorrectly it could make your Wii inoperable.

The dilemma forced programmers to do a rethink on how to backup wii games.

The solution was Homebrew installer software.

Homebrew software has totally revolutionized burning and modding your wii systems. Instead of modifying your consoles hardware the mod can be done manipulation of the firmware or otherwise known as a "Wii softmod".

With homebrew software you can copy and play burned wii games just like you would with a normal game disc.

But thats not the ONLY thing homebrew can do!!!

With this softmod you can unlock certain features of your Wii to playback DVDs, run retro games like Super Mario or Sonic, and even unlock the region code to play any game or dvd from any country.

You can copy wii games easily by simply installing wii softmod tools like homebrew installer which will give your Wii a new lease of life and make it just as powerful as its bigger brothers the PS3 and Xbox 360.

You don't even have to use a game like Zelda Twlight princess to hack your wii now, the latest homebrew doesn't use this technique but uses the 'bannerbomb' method which requires no game or disc to perform it.

What makes it more valuable is that it works even with the latest firmware update (v4.0 and v4.1)

If you want to revitalize your ailing Wii and breath some life into it by transforming it into a fully fledged multimedia entertainment unit then you need Homebrew install software!

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Copy Wii Games without Modchip using Homebrew Installer software