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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to copy wii games without modchip? - Now Its Totally Possible With Easy Backup Wizard

Nowadays, wii games have been being as the most popular game for the people who like very much in playing the game. In addition, it will be very interesting for you for having the copied software of this game in your own PC. Thus, you have to know for the way in copying the software of this game. Normally, you will need for having the modchip in copying this game. Modchip is actually as the special chip for being able to copy this game. However, it will be more effective for you in knowing the way of copy wii games without modchip. Thus, it is actually available for you the way to backup wii games without modchip.

Thus, this article wants to share with you about the way to copy wii games without modchip. First step you have to do is that you have to have the right website of this wii games. Then, after determining for the right website (Easy BackUp Wizard), it will be possible for you to get for the right software of this wii games. By determining of the right software of this wii games, of course it is as the plus point of you. After having the right software, it will be able for you directly copy it into your computer. Then, of course it has been answered for the way of copy wii games without modchip.

Hence, is it very simple step for doing the copy wii games without modchip? As the key, you have to have for the right software that you would be able to have it through the website. Then, by having the key, of course it will be followed with the easy steps for you. Everything will run very well if you have for the right copy of software of wii games. Thus, why I stated, almost of you would be able to copy wii games without modchip.

In conclusion, it will be something amazing for you to be able to copy wii games without modchip. Surely, it will give you more advantage because you would be able to play the game freely. Besides, it will be possible for you for giving more advantages through having the copy of wii games software, even, for being able to copy wii games without modchip. It will absolutely give you more advantages. Hence, will you neglect for this article topic? I do not think so.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Copy Wii Games and Play them With BreWii (v4.2) - Backup Wii Games without a Modchip

I know what you are thinking! If you're reading this post then I can safely assume that you are trying to find ways to copy and unlock your wii without doing any serious harm to the internals of your console or even invalidate your factory warranty that came with the Wii when you bought it from the store.

Lets face it, buying games from the outlet is too expensive these days and when you break them it normally means purchasing a replacement, this is not a desirable option if you are on a limited budget!

The good news for all those poor gamers out there is cheaper options are available. You can learn how to copy wii games by unlocking your wii, this backup technique doesn't not need modchips or any other copying hardware to be installed inside the machine, unlocking your wii all you need is some software and a easy to follow instructional guide that can unlock certain features within your consoles firmware to backup and play copied wii games.

Back in the days, you needed special hardware add ons like modchips to enable your console to recognize copy wii games but this is no longer the case, with software like Homebrew you give you Wii the ability to backup and read burned wii games just like a bought one from the store.

Homebrew software is an example of the new method of copying games called "softmodding", instead you use software that takes advantage of firmware loopholes and allows copied wii games to be played and even burned.

Not only does it do that but it also allows your console to play DVDs, play retro games from the SNES, Gamecube, Mega drive and also gives you the ability to be rid of the region lock meaning you can play games and movies from other countries. You probably that's no big deal but if you are trying to find a way to buy games cheaper in this feature will really help.

Homebrew Wii software is not hard to install and comes with a simple instruction guide, if this is not you and you prefer application software that works from your PC then you can always get easy backup wizard for a small one time fee of 30 bucks and copy wii games that you own. The software is straight forward and explains how to burn wii games step by step all you need to do is follow the prompts.

However, I recommend Homebrew software and taking the time to learn how to unlock wii in order to copy wii games. Don't worry about incompatibility, homebrew software is constantly updated and is compatible with the latest firmware updates even v4.2!

Its much safer, and comes with no risks.

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