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Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Copy Wii Games - Burn Wii Games ISO!

There are several ways you can approach how to copy wii games and its no that hard really. First you can burn WII games by copying them from dvd to dvd using two drives or if you want to protect the long term use of your dvd drives you can go to any bittorrent site and download Wii game isos and back them up to blank dvd media of your choice.

But even when you download wii games from bit torrent e.g. Mininova you still need Wii copy programs that can burn the ISO. image to the dvd blank(s) , there are plenty to choose from but some are unreliable and don't support certain dvd formats and some just simply copy certain games which can be annoying of its your favourite one!

So I did abit of searching and found a application that supports any dvd format or brand and can create duplicate wii games on the fly and even backup wii iso's in a matter of minutes.

This software tool that can create copies of Wii games is called CopyThatGame - of course there are plenty of other software programs that can do the job but GameCopyPro does it with 'one-click' and can backup any other console game on the market - Xbox 360, PS3 to name a few.

In a matter of minutes of using this software I had backed up all my Wii library and while I was at it I decided to backup my entire music cd collection and my PS3 games too.

CopyThatGame made it easy for me as it provided detailed easy to follow instructions to start copying wii games!!

To make copies of your Wii games goto -> CopyThatGame - Ultimate Wii copy Software