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Friday, August 8, 2008

Ever wondered how to copy wii games? Learn how to do it here!

Ever since i bought my first console the first thing that came to mind was how to copy wii games. There are tons of programs available on the web that clain to make copies of wii games on the fly but the question is how reliable are they in doing them job?

You can buy software like Nero Easy CD Creator which could the job but you'll discover with software like this that when you place your wii game in the dvd writer the program will not read or accept the wii disc. You might find that surprising thinking that these applications are copying tools but the thing that most people don't realise is that Wii games have protection code embedded in the game disc to prevent people form making backups of wii games. These encyptions codes also prevent people from illegally distributing them for profit.

However if you are just wanting to make backups for personal use then there is a provision in the 'free-use' law that allows you to make one backup copy of wii video game.

So the next question is what software can bypass the protection code to burn wii games on the fly using your very own PC? Well certain programmers have made software that can override the encryption code and make a image of the wii game of your choice that can be burnt directly to a blank dvd. These programs are relatively cheap and are very easy to use, most only requires you to do afew clicks and tehn 20minutes later you'll have a exact duplicate copy of your wii game. One such program that is gaining popularity is GameCopyPro that can do all the donkey work for you and create wii copies in a matter of minutes.

GameCopyPro is a mulit-purpose game copying suite that can burn any game on the market - Xbox 360, PS3 , Wii, PS2 and PS2 you name it GameCopy can do it!!

But thats not all! Not only is it a game burning tool but it can create backups of your DVD movies, and supoorts all your avi,mpeg,rm, divx formats.

So if you wana perform your backing up of Wi games heres all you need:

  1. Good DVD Blanks e.g Verbatim, TDK

  2. A fast DVD Dual layer writer (x50 speed recommended)

  3. Reasonably good PC (anything above Athlon XP)

Game Copy Pro comes with dozens of bonuses and also provides databases to download wii game isos or images that can be burned with GameCopyPro straight onto your dvd blanks.

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