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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Backing up Wii Games - Learn how to Burn Wii Discs

The one thing that peeves me off is when you come home from town or work and then find that your wii game doesn't work and all you see is a error on your tv screen saying its unable to read your wii disc. Most people when they see this type of message either throw the game away and play another or go down to EB games and purchase a replacement. The latter option is one that you wouldn't want to reoccur as this will cost you $$$ in the long term and with the current economy situation we're experiencing its wise to find cheaper more cost effective options. Thats when the idea of how to burn wii games comes into the picture.

Creating backups of Wii games is now possible due to handy tools to make perfect exact copies of wii games. If you decide that you want to start saving money and begin copying wii games then you need some wii burning software for backing up wii games , a stable meduim-high-end PC desktop and a fast dual layer dvd burner.

If you have these components then you are half way to creating your vast library of Wii titles , this means that your Wii titles you bought from the store are safely tucked away in the closet and your backups can take all the abuse you throw at it!!

The most important thing YOU NEED to copy wii games though is reliable Wii copy software like CopyThatGame, this software is programmed to read and burn wii games without running into any compatibility issues and reading error.

CopyThatGame is the only software that can read Nintendo Wii Games , decrypt them , and then burn them to any blank dvd.

The great thing about CopyThatGame is its ease of use and the price which is small compared to the popular copying software like Nero, or Easy CD Creator.

To start copying your wii games now goto -> Backing up Wii Games