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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's How You Can Copy Wii Games So You Can Have Backups

Like owning a PS3 or Xbox 360 , if you own a Wii console then the thought of how to burn wii games has possibly crossed your mind. You just have to do a simple search on google to find that tons of other people are looking at ways to copy wii games.What you must realise is that you just don't throw a blank dvd into your burner and use your normal copying software to create a Wii backup.Why you can't make copies of Wii games is due to the copyright protection embedded into the disc, this prevents you from backing your games up.

As you probably have already guessed, there are software companies that have developed programs that can get past this protection. By installing the software, all of a sudden your computer can read the disc and produce copies.We should point out that this software should be used to make legal copies of Wii games. Making copies of Wii games is totally legal as long as you own them. This means you can create a copy of your Wii game and protect your original.

So how does this software work? It's pretty simply actually.

If you used a CD burner program before, then it runs the same way.After it's installed onto your PC your ready to do business.You just have to put the game in your computer's disc drive and let your system make an "image" of the disc. You then put in a blank disc and the image will be transferred onto it.

Done! Its that simple.

If you do go shopping for a game copying program, it's a good idea to get one that come with a moneyback guarantee. This should cover you in case that software doesn't work on your computer or you are not satisfied with the software.Also, don't pay any more than $40. For around this price you can get a top-notch program that you can start using within minutes.

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