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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Copy Wii games with Game Copy Pro. Burn Wii Games with ease!!

As with my previous posts I've been talking about CopyThatGame and how it can copy Wii games - well below you'll see a clip here of a dude that has burnt his Wii games onto blank dvd's - the videos show him demonstrating his wii backups running on his Wii console , its pretty neat how he does it!!!

As you can see from the videos above it is possible to copy/backup your wii games onto disc all your need is some software like - CopyThatGame , a Mod Chip (WiiKey) which costs next to nothing and easy to install, and good reliable copying media (DVDs) to burn wii games.

CopyThatGame is the only software available on the market that can backup wii games , you get everything you need like software tools and even where to download Wii iso images to burn the games to disc!!CopyThatGame is simple to use and comes with detailed instruction guides on how to get started.

To make a wii copies of your orignals I recommend you get CopyThatGame now!!!