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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Copy Wii games using CopyThatGame.

When copying Wii games you need three basic things -

  1. Reliable copying software like -> CopyThatGame

  2. Good copying discs e.g. DVD/CD

  3. Wii compatible Modchips or WiiKey (Preferably legit ones not imitation modchips)

Game Copy Pro provides all the tools you need to make quality backups of your Wii games without any glitches!! You can make perfect copies in minutes with Game Copy Pros 'one click' copying process its that simple!! To find out more check out the features list below to download Game Copy Pro.

Game Copy Pros Features:

  • DVD Dual Layer support

  • NTSC & PAL compatibility

  • Copy Xbox 360, Gamecube, PSP, PS1,PS2, PS3...

  • High copying speeds no lag

  • Makes Blu-Ray, HD DVD backups

  • Free technical support 24/7

  • Free updates

  • free bonuses - Unlimited movie, mp3 , game downloads

And Much More!!!

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