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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Copy Wii Games - Play Wii Backups with Game Copy Pro

In my last post I showed you some youtube videos of people running their wii backups on their consoles and to demonstrate that it is possible to copy Wii games using CopyThatGame. Well today I was browsing youtube and found this video with a guy playing is copied wii games on his hacked Wii. The games were Wii Sports and Guitar Hero I think but it clearly shows you that you can can copy and burn wii games. Check out the video below -

After watching the video you're probably thinking that you need to be a computer geek to backup wii games but thats far from the truth!! Fortunately for you there is a easy to use "one click" software package that can copy your wii games in a matter of minutes. This software is called CopyThatGame, the software comes with easy to use step by step instructions on how to burn wii games to blank dvd. CopyThatGame is is compatible with all operating systems and provides 24/7 support if theres any difficulties. So what are you waiting for!!!