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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Copy and Download Wii Games ISO's with Game Copy Pro!!

Backup Wii Games Now!!

If you read my other posts I've talked about CopyThatGame's abilities to copy wii games but there's also another feature that I would like to touch upon!! When you download the software there's a special bonus you receive (which actually saves you alot of hassle and time) allowing unlimited access to Wii game downloads e.g. software, ringtones, wallpaper, and wii game iso's which you can download and burn using the Game Copy Pro software program!

But this is not all! You can download movies, music and even download PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 the list goes on.....

The great thing is theres no reccurring fee just a small one time fee giving you full unlmimted access to any Wii game you want!

DON"T WORRY about slow speeds, all downloads come from super fast servers so all your files will be downloaded to your PC in minutes!!

So don't delay dudes!! I'm not sure how long they're gonna offer this before they rise the price!!