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Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to Burn Wii games with Wii Copy Software.

I've been adding lots of info on how to burn wii games and talking about a software program called CopyThatGame that can backup Wii games on a blank dvd disc. I also showed you some videos of people running copied Wii games on there Wii. Well today I found a video of someone running a few Wii games that were burned and he shows them playing on his Wii console. Check out the video below :

Copying Wii games can be done in three basic steps

  • First you need good wii copy media or DVD blanks like Sony or Verbatim
  • A burning tool -> CopyThat Game
  • A descent PC computer and DVD burner

CopyThatGame is the most comprehensive game coping software on the market today with simple but really easy to follow instructions to perform copy wii games on the fly. Not only does CopyThatGame teach you how to burn wii games it can show you how to copy Xbox 360, PS3, and lots more....

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