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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to backup Wii games - Copy Wii Games software

I just read that the Wii console has once again outsold its Sony and Microsoft counteparts for the month of March according to NPD sales data and is predicted to continue this trend for 2008. If you've read my other posts I've dedicated this blog on how to copy Wii games onto blank dual layer dvds and burn wii games by downloading them using a fantastic software package called CopyThatGame.

The Nintendo Wii is set to release some great titles this year and its important that you consider backing up all your nintendo wii games so you protect your orignal wii discs from being exposed to possible damage.

YOU probably don't know where to start but there is easy to use software out there that basically guide you step by step on how to backup wii games.

CopyThatGame is one such software package that can make wii copying like childs play!!

All you need is a PC with a DVD burner, some good reliable copying media (blank dvds), and a burning program - CopyThatGame.

I found a video on youtube that I've insert below showing a wii gamer with a folder fill of wii games that were burnt straight to dvd blanks - Medal of honor , Tomb Raider Anniversity, Wii Play amd lots more..